Hong Niu in China

Serving Chinese consumers for more than two decades

T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd., a member of TCP Group, and the Yoovidhya Family are the inventors and owners of the Red Bull brand and trademarks globally and the only producers of the Red Bull flavour around the world. Red Bull, named ‘Hong Niu’ in Chinese, was first invented by Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1975.

In 1993, following its international success, Mr. Chaleo established the first Chinese Red Bull factory in Hainan province, the Yoovidhya family’s ancestral home and his father’s birthplace, and later introduced the energy drink.

In 1995, the Yoovidhya Family established a joint venture in China, Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co. Ltd. (‘RBVC’), with shareholders including Mr. Chanchai Ruayrungruang (Mr. Yan Bin). The Yoovidhya Family has maintained a majority stake in RBVC since its inception and consistently contributed to the joint venture. This has included providing financial support, technical expertise, flavoring and trademark license to support the operations and development of the joint venture.

These factors, combined with the global brand the Yoovidhya Family has built with its international partners, have been the key drivers for the success of Hong Niu in China.